Saturday, January 31, 2009

a day to remember

I am so blessed. So blessed. Sometimes I look around at my family and I wonder why God felt that I was the right fit for this family. Last night Haeley went and stayed the night at her friend's house and Brad and I had the night with the other kiddos. Brad and the boys were playing Wii so Jasmine and I went into the kitchen to play Battleship. We got through two games. Jasmine won one and then I "won" the other---okay, I didn't win. I cheated. I saw her spots through the back door. I did admit when we were done that I had cheated and Jasmine laughed and thought it was funny.

This morning we woke up and got moving. Brad was getting ready to leave to take Gabe to karate and Benjamin did the cutest thing. He went upstairs and asked Jasmine if she would help him get dressed. She helps him and they come downstairs. I looked at Benjamin and I asked him why he was dressed. He said, "I want to go with Daddy to karate." I sent him up to tell Brad what he had done. I think Brad's heart melted a little because he told Benjamin that he could go. Benjamin was so thrilled! On the way home from karate Brad called and wanted to know if he should pick up Haeley so that we could all go sledding. I gave her a call and she decided that she wanted to stay at her friends house.

Brad and the boys got home and we all got ready to leave to go. Before we were leaving Brad asked Benjamin if he had gone potty and Benjamin said, "Yes. On Tuesday." Brad said, "You went potty on Tuesday?" And he said, "Yes, on Tuesday." I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. We went to the sledding hill and the kids had a BLAST! I went down once and bumped around so much and landed on my tailbone---that was all I did. Justin was up and down the hill more times than I can count! Jasmine was up and down the hill too and she was always looking out for her brothers to see where they were and if they needed help. Gabe was a little nervous but then he was all about going up and down that hill! Benjamin was really nervous and didn't like it at first but then Brad showed him a smaller hill and the two of them went down countless times.

After the sledding we went and picked up Haeley and then headed out to run some errands. We picked up an algae eater for the fish tank and then headed to Menards to look at some flooring for the foyer. On the way to Menards we found a woman who was stuck in the snow in Targets parking lot so we gave her a hand and pulled her out. It took all of maybe 2 minutes...from the time we asked her if she wanted help till we had her out. She was so grateful and said, "I wish I had some money so that I could pay you!" Both Brad and I told her that wasn't necessary and not to worry with it. Away to Menards we went. There we found some beautiful wood flooring for the foyer and front closet. I'm so excited! It's going to make a HUGE difference and look wonderful! I took a before picture tonight and I'm hoping that we have it finished up in a day or so and then I'll post the pictures of it. :)

We wound up getting the VeggieTales "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" movie and we sat down as a family to watch it this evening. Brad and I were sitting on opposite ends of the couch and had all of our kids between us. Everyone had a bowl of popcorn and I cherished this moment. I looked at all of our kids sitting next to each other. Loving each other. I looked at Brad and he too was looking at the same thing. We looked at each other and no words were needed. We both knew and thought the same thing: We are blessed. I have the most wonderful husband that I could imagine. He infuriates me sometimes and makes me want to scream, but I love him all the same. I love him more today than the day we were married. We have grown as individuals, but we have grown together as a couple. Thank you Lord, for the blessings of my family.

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Ainsley said...

You're such a great mom and the PERFECT fit for your family!