Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My babes

I've decided that as much as I love the banner picture of my babes, it's time to update it with a new one....Considering this pic is about 3 years old.  I can't believe that they are all so big now.  Where does the time go?  It seems like just yesterday they were running around my feet and we were starting our family.

When Brad and I got married, Haeley was 4, Jasmine was 3, and Gabe was 2!!!  Justin and Benjamin weren't even on the horizon.  And now, Haeley is 13, Jasmine is 12, Gabe is 11, Justin is 7, and Benjamin is 6!  As crazy as it may sound, I miss the days of diapers, bottles, middle of the night feedings, and cranky teething babes.  I miss the sweet feel of a babe sleeping on my chest.  I miss the times of simply staring into my baby's face and declaring my love for them.  Now, when I stare at their face they think I'm crazy and they leave before I'm able to profess my deep undying love for them.  :)  

But I love the conversations I get to have with my babes now.  I love Haeley and I talking and growing closer as Mom and daughter.  I love seeing their personalities blossom.  I love seeing them victorious over previous struggles.  I love their creativity and seeing them love on one another.  I love listening to them pray and seeing them learn more about the Lord.  I love seeing them not only learn about the Lord, but putting their faith in Him too.

It's a good life and I don't want to take my babes for granted for one more day.  I want to cherish each moment that I have with them.  The good moments and the ugly ones too.  

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Sarah said...

I know. I can't stand how quickly it's flying by. :( how has your first week gone? Call me today if you have a chance!