Saturday, October 01, 2011

Visit with Sarah

This past weekend and the early part of the week one of my dearest friends came out to visit. I've mentioned Sarah before and there are really no words to explain just how special she is to me and my family! I didn't tell the boys that they were coming. All the boys knew was that we were going to have a guest of sorts. They didn't know how many or anything!! Chad had a conference in Virginia Beach and they came a couple days early. I cherish the time that we were able to spend together. Things didn't go exactly as planned, but we made it work. Tuesday we were going to go down to the beach and visit them in the hotel and we were going to swim there also. That morning we awoke to find that our power company had taken more out of our account than they were supposed to and we were left with next to nothing in the bank. I spent the morning trying to get our finances squared away and by 12:30 we still hadn't left. I grabbed the kids and we ran to the the bank where I pleaded my case. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to take care of everything as needed but I knew I needed to try. Thankfully we were able to get money from another account transferred to our local account and that is all well and good now. In the process of all this, I didn't think to grab the kids swimsuits and towels. I didn't want to waste anymore time---I just wanted to get the beach to see Sarah and the boys. I knew my kids would be perfectly content to play in the sand and wether or not they got to go in the water was not as important. The hotel was beautiful and the pools inside were amazing!!! After going through I was glad had forgotten our suits and towels because it just wouldn't have been right. There was a sign posted next to the pool that said, "For registered hotel guests only". We were not a registered guest. And I know it may sound silly, but I don't want to show my kids it's okay to break the rules just to have fun. We were able to talk about that on the way home too---after seeing the pools they were disappointed that we didn't bring our suits, but they understood. For that I am thankful!

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