Monday, October 24, 2011

The Roller Coaster Begins Again

I think I've mentioned that Brad's job situation has not been great and he's been pursuing other options.  A couple of weeks ago we received a job offer.  Brad and I had discussed this job in length and he accepted the job.  Golly it was a hard decision.  But I know it was the right one and so much has been revealed to me in the past couple days that has further confirmed that it was definitely the right decision.

We closed on our house here January 29th of this past year.  It was quite the adventure us moving from IN to VA.  Brad was in VA and the kids and I were in IN until our house was ready to be put on the market.  The kids and I have been back in VA for about a year now.  We all moved in with Mom and Dad for about 3ish months until we closed on our house and were ready to move in.  We gutted the living room and kitchen and made it beautiful.  We took the carport and turned it into a great garage.  We replaced the wood around our hot tub and were able to get it up and running.

And now all of that will be for another family.  

Brad's new job is in Richmond.  He will be commuting for awhile and spending some of the time at my aunt's house.  I'm very thankful for Aunt E opening up her home and taking him in for this period of time.  In the meantime, we get to put a new roof on our house, put some new windows on and make the big decision---Do we rent or sell?

We love our house and selling would absolutely break our hearts, but we need to be together as a family.  And we need a down payment for another house. we go again.  Decisions that are hard, separations that are harder and circumstances that sometimes seem so insurmountable that it makes my head spin.  And yet through all of this, it doesn't take too much to cheer me up.  One of the very best cheer ups.......This:

Without a doubt this face, those little eyes, those arms that wrap so tightly around my neck, and that sweet little boy can cheer me up in an instant.  My babies will help me get through this time.  We will hold tightly to each other once more.  We will grow closer as a family and we will start over in a new place again.  


Anonymous said...


Uncle frank n I are happy to have Brad here , we will take good care of him while he's here. you just get better!!

love Aunt E!!

Anonymous said...

oo man that is tough!! I lived in Richmond for a few years growing up! I hope you guys will love it! That picture is adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)