Friday, October 21, 2011

School minus my school room

This year has not been my traditional schooling year.  With having my nieces here I have to be a bit more scheduled and disciplined in my school day.  We stay in our schoolroom and every one is at there designated spot.  It is very much like your classroom setting.  This week I've had some sickies in my house and due to that we have not had school at my house.  I got my SIL set up with everything she needed and let her do all but Monday on her own.

As much as like having them over I really enjoyed just schooling my kids.  We did school in the living room---not our school room!!!  We stayed in our jammies.  We did school on the couch.  We didn't start until 10 some mornings--11 on others.  And Thursday we didn't do school at all!  I had a bunch of errands I had to get done and by the time I got home at 3:30 I was POOPED!  Today was so much fun.  Typically my girls are in a completely different room than we are and I have to run back and forth between everyone.  But today, we were all in the living room and dining room and I could see everyone without needing to go upstairs and through 2 other rooms to get to them.  

We sat on the couches and lounged around a bit, but we got our work done.  I loved our day.  I loved getting to sit around and not be confined to our schoolroom.  Next week we will go back to the day to day routine.  I pray that we are able to easily go back to the routine and that I am able to enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed my past week (minus the sickies).

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